who we are

Roca Preston Contractors Limited is construction company (Registration number: 1562774) incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our head office is located at 156 Owerri road, Uru Umudim Nnewi, Anambra state Nigeria and our branch office at Ikota complex VGC, Lagos. You can reach us on +2347067455010

We specialize in the production of all types of building plans, General building construction, Building Renovation and Remodelling, Waterproofing, Landscaping and Steel Scaffolding. We have a very strong architecture department, well trained building engineers and we also work with quantity surveyors to bring you the best building design and quality construction work at a reasonable price.



We are a very transparent construction company. We offer our clients a comprehensive estimate of their building projects, with labour, plant and material separated from our profit and overhead.

We also offer a lot of discounts Including 15% profit and overhead instead of 20-25% by other companies. We give 20% discount when you purchase a building plan from us and 5% off your total construction cost when you build with us.

For clients that builds with us, we handle their projects with our plants and equipment without any extra charge.

Service, Quality & Value

We provide top quality services in all the categories of construction works and construction related areas. Our adherence to all the required building codes and regulations makes us stand out among our competitors. 


Five bedroom house plan

Our Core Values

To deliver top quality results to our clients we make it a point to maintain good working ethics and values.

We provide our clients with project cost estimates and project time schedule which we strictly adhere to till end of the project. 

We have in depth partnerships with various firms to enable us conceptualize and deliver quality projects at a very affordable cost.    

We are committed to delivering quality projects to our clients at reasonable cost and desired period of time with no hassle.


Let's talk about your project


Most frequent questions and answers

Structural drawings details the position and amount of steel reinforcements required in the construction of a building. If you want a structural drawing of your building plan just contact us and we will prepare the drawing and the associated cost and get back to you within 5 working days.

We offer clients the option to order for a custom home design made solely for them with their exact requirements. Contact us with your exact requirements and we will prepare the drawing and the associated cost and will get back to you. 

CAD stands for: Computer Aided Drawing. It refers to the soft copy of the proposed drawing, it comes in handy when you want special features added to your building plan. 

We cover the entire Nigeria for any type of construction work but overhead cost might very depending on the location of the project.

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