What are the requirements to become a featured designer?

Getting featured on our listing is simple. If you have great CAD designs on residential and commercial building plans and you own all the licencing rights, you can register with us and submit your designs. Each design will be vetted and reviewed by our professional architects before it is included in our listing. 

How do I get paid for my designss?

Each type and category of building plan has a price range (for uniformity). On submission, each design will undergo vetting by our professional architects and then a price tag is attached to the design. Every time a client purchases your drawing we charge you 30% commission while you go home with 70%. You will be paid out  via a bank transfer. On the client request, we then provide the structural design, electrical and mechanical design of the plan. In a case where the client requests for a design adjustment or modification, the architect is required for make the first alterations at no extra charge but a daily charge will be incurred by the client as from the third modification session. 

So why wait, register with us and let your hard work  and passion pay you. Get started by filling out the form below:

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